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The Wadewood Alliance

(Photo 1: Wadewood Capitol Palace Front Fascade, Photo 2: Commander Larkin, Photo 3: Wadewood Capitol Palace Back facade)

Communities are built on trust and hope. The Wadewood Alliance was no exception to this. When the Division of Ideals was signed and set in stone, the Rightful Republic rose in the north, while the Wadewood Community came to be in the southern part. Led by Amelia Runow and her boyfriend, Carlos Vase, the community quickly established itself as an untraditional democracy. Already having the support of the people, Amelia became the highest authority: Commander of the Wadewood Community. Carlos became her second in command and took the title of Head of the Wadewood Representative Council. Amelia and Carlos then organized the Wadewood Representative Council, which served to represent the various schools and towns within the community. Once representatives had been elected, Carlos and his newly formed council began passing laws and regulations for the new community. As the new government worked tirelessly to ensure the Wadewood Community lasted, Amelia focused on creating a very small force to maintain peace and uphold the laws of the community. At first, the Wadewood Representative Council was hesitant to even talk about the creation of a military, but after being persuaded by their Commander, the body eventually elected to allow the creation of the force. The brave individuals who became soldiers to keep the peace were called The Upholders of the Community. For the first year of its existence, the community thrived in peace with few incidents, but eventually, a crisis unfolded. A unit of the Upholders was displeased with the representative's council's decision to cut their funding and took matters into their own hands. While the council was in session one morning, the unit stormed the chamber and took both Carlos and the council hostage, demanding that Commander Runow put more power into the hands of the Upholders. In the end, the unit's attempt to seize power failed. The incident left Runow paranoid that her government was out to betray her. When word reached the Commander that the Rightful Republic was reorganizing into the Rightful System Alliance, Runow was frightened that her community would be next. She ordered an executive investigation, which tragically cost her the support of her council.

A dark cloud fell over the Wadewood Community, as Dave Larkin appeared out of the abyss and challenged Amelia for her Commandership. Eventually, after being persuaded by her closest advisors, Runow agreed to a fencing duel against Larkin. Larkin ultimately won the duel and Amelia was forced to resign. It was only days later that Commander Larkin, reorganized The Wadewood Community into The Wadewood Alliance and did away with The Office of The Head of the Wadewood Council, thus demoting Carlos to a Sophomore Representative.

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