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The Rightful System

(Pic 1: A Facade of Capitol School, Pic 2: The Freshmen Sector,

Pic 3: Drew Looking onto the Freshmen Sector)

The Rightful Republic was on the brink of collapse. The people knew their government was corrupt. Even Prime Minister Greer, whom the people adored, could not paste over the gaping cracks within the republic. There were two solutions. The first was to let it crumple to ashes. The second was a full reformation into a new nation with new standards. Prime Minister Greer acted quickly, securing the support of his flimsy government and the people.

On a misty day when the clouds unleashed their tears, and the wind roared as though God was angry, the Prime Minister stepped out onto a balcony that overlooked throngs of people who waited desperately to hear what their nation's future held. He wore a bright blue tunic with his silver hair combed to the side. Greer stepped up to the small microphone in front of him and spread his hands wide. He shouted, "The Rightful System Alliance will rise from the republic's ashes!" The crowd went wild.

Greer and his second in command, Lieutenant General John Sargent, worked diligently, moving as fast as possible to bring the Rightful System Alliance to existence. The republic's angelic eagle was soon replaced with an elegantly designed crest that encompassed a golden cross with two white doves looking over the Rightful System Capitol School. Lieutenant Sargent oversaw the creation of the United Schools Committee. Its goal was to make the Rightful System's creation smoother, and ensure that all school communities who wanted to join the growing alliance were represented. Just when Greer and Sargent thought they had avoided a disaster, a coup was attempted by several members of the United Schools Committee. Thankfully, Greer and Sargent were able to hold the feeble government of the R.S.A. together. Soon after this Greer, exhausted and on the verge of a mental breakdown, stepped down from power. He announced his resignation in a speech made to the United Schools Committee. After Greer left, Sargent became Capitol President of the Rightful System Alliance. He quickly appointed Quil Darwin as Capitol School Vice President and saw to the creation of The Offices of Capitol School Secretary and Treasurer of The R.S.A., which Emily Childs and Daniel Carter would occupy. Emily saw to the acquisition of funds from HockLock Bank so the government could be financially secure. Daniel oversaw the creation of The Rightful System Alliance Decrees. Within two months, The R.S.A. had a constitution and a stable capitol government, but John knew that even these four individuals could not run the entire R.S.A. John went back to the original principles of The Rightful Republic and re-developed the idea of a student government-like government. Eventually, he settled on the idea of creating a government identical to a traditional school government. Each high school class of the R.S.A. would have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure. Elections were soon held and prominent individuals who had served on the United Schools Committee, like Andrew Morgan and Dave Larkin, rose to power. After these elections, John used his newfound power to disband the United Schools Committee, which effectively saw the end of ties to the Rightful Republic.

Though darkness soon seeped into the Rightful System Alliance. Find out what happens in Stugo the Novel which releases on April 7th!

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