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The Cover of Wonders

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Two friends desperate to save their futures and forget their pasts. Two similar but very different alliances fighting each other to make their dreams a reality. A story filled with friendship trials, conflict-driven battles, and government scandals.

When beginning to discuss what I felt the cover for Stugo the Novel should look like, I knew it needed to be bold and it needed to intrigue readers. I wanted to make sure it focused on the key figures in my novel, as well as the two big alliances, which fight day in and day out to win the Great School Conflict. Mastering both these tasks was no easy job, as I battled between cover and cover. At one point I simply decided it would look like a map of South Carmon, but realized that readers would likely find that uninteresting. Then about a week before I was to launch the social media and the website for the novel, I was talking to my mom and finally had a great idea for my cover! I quickly came home and began working, knowing if I got distracted I'd forget my grand idea. Four hours later the cover you saw on Instagram or Facebook, as well as this awesome website was born!

I positioned both Dave and Drew, dressed in only hoodies, gazing out at the Rightful System. In my novel, you'll discover that both Drew and Dave tend to wear more formal attire since they both govern noble alliances. Though for the cover I felt more causal attire was better to emphasize that they really are just teenagers in a world where they must fend for themselves. There are no adults to protect them, govern them, or save them. As for why both their gazes are locked in on the Rightful System, it is because that one alliance is the key to both their futures. For Drew, if the Rightful System collapses, his whole world will follow suit. For Dave, it would mean the beginning of a new era, one where he and the Wadewood Alliance control the state. I placed soldiers near the Wadewood Alliance to further emphasize that it truly is their alliance that started the Great School Conflict, and wishes to control the entirety of their homeland. Finally, I choose the subtitle "There is no such thing as a perfect nation," because every nation has its flaws and both the Rightful System and Wadewood are no exception. So it is up to Drew and his friends to not only hold the R.S.A together but also fight off Wadewood as they strive to claim South Carmon.

Can they do it or will they ultimately fail?

Read the first chapter of Stugo the Novel under the sneak peek tab to dive into the world of Carmona!

Thank you and I can't wait for you all to read my novel!

Paul Rouse

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