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Behind the Scenes

How Chimney Rock, North Carolina Inspired Government House

"Drew sat out on the back porch attached to Government House, looking out onto the lush mountainous landscape. He could hear the rivers as they flowed through the valley and the sound of the native birds as they chirped. For the first time in a long time, Drew could hear his thoughts,"

All Photos Were Taken By Paul Rouse

Ever since I was in elementary school, my family has made it a tradition to make the journey from Greenville SC to Chimney Rock, North Carolina. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. this quaint village full of delicious food and breathtaking views is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I've been very fortunate to experience the peace and tranquillity the mountains have to offer. It's also here when my mind doesn't run rampant, that I find inspiration for my writing. On one trip up to Chimney Rock last year, I was sitting on one of the rocks near a sizable river in the village, and the idea for Government House began to form. Now, I'm aware I've never discussed this retreat for the Rightful System officials before, so I'll provide a little background.

During the days of Carmona, the influential Lane Family owned a modest piece of land in the Blue Mont Mountains. This mountain range offered both exquisite views and peace for all those in the Carmonian Nation. As the Great State Collapse forced all the nation's adults to evacuate, the Lanes entrusted their son, Carter, with their mountain house. Time passed, new alliances rose, and soon Carter himself became Chancellor of the Brookland Community. One day the Rightful System Capitol President, John Sargent, decided he wanted to acquire Carter's property, and make it a retreat for all Rightful System Officials. The young Chancellor agreed to the deal and soon Government House was born. It became a place where R.S.A. officials could relax, focus on what they loved, and reboot before going home to lead a growing alliance. Freshmen President Andrew Morgan loved Government House, frequently staying there before Wadewood and the R.S.A. declared conflict.

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