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A Moment of Peace

Peace. It's something that everyone craves at some point. Even nations, with their massive militias and impenetrable ships, crave a moment where there are no wars, no conflicts, no problems. Alas, it seems peace evades us all, sweeping into a room for mere moments before making her grand exit again, leaving us in the world's chaos.

Though I'm not writing a blog post about the external meaning of peace, instead I'm writing about the inner meaning. Day in and day out thoughts form in our minds, words are spoken to us, and actions are taken for or against us. I know I find it hard most of the time to quiet the thoughts in my head, even though I'm desperately trying to. Some days no matter how many times I tried to refocus, I just couldn't seem to find the inner peace I craved. Then I found my love for reading and that all changed. For that one shining moment, while I read, I found peace and I was able to focus on the characters I read about. For that one shining moment, I was the main character, living in a massive castle, or saving the day! It sounds silly but the quiet moment of reading can have the ability to change someone's world.

This was one of the more personal reasons I wrote Stugo the Novel. I knew from my own experience that reading offered a temporary escape from the craziness of life. I wrote my novel with the goals of developing inspiring characters, a realistic plot, and ensuring that my story wasn't unrealistic. Two of the novel's goals are to provide inspiration and show that while life can get you down, there is always a reason to get back up!


Paul Rouse

Author of Stugo the Novel

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