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A Girl's Rise To Power

She's known only as Secretary Sydney. Not even her closest friends are privy to her middle or last name. She rose from a simple teenage girl to one of the most famous women in all of South Carmon. Her words carried meaning and her actions spoke loud.

When the Great Collapse hit the Carmonian Nation, every last living adult was evacuated to a distant island for their safety. The rest of the nation's population was left back in South and North Carmon, with only a feeble government to protect them. Almost overnight this government was wiped out by rogue rebels, leaving the remaining teens and children to fend for themselves. Chaos reigned, looting become commonplace, and whole cities were destroyed. Eventually, North Carmon reorganized itself under the leadership of King Maxwell Morgan, and South Carmon began trying to reestablish order through the Save South Carmon Movement. It was here that Sydney began her journey in helping to rebuild what had been lost. The movement quickly grew and support for its cause exploded. Though, it seemed the once united body had begun to divide itself. Soon the Rightful Republic, a more traditional democracy, and the Wadewood Community, a council-based government, were created. Both establishments respected one another and it seemed South Carmon would once again be safe.

As the Rightful Republic began to establish its government, the elected Prime Minister (Micheal Greer), asked Sydney to serve on what he was calling the High School Provisional Councils. Since Sydney was technically still a freshman, she served on the Freshmen Provisional Council. During her time on the council, she participated in many committees. One such committee oversaw the renovation of an old high school, called Hampton Lockwood, which became their Capitol School building. As she accomplished more projects and continued to serve her republic, fellow council members began to admire Sydney. A small faction of her fellow members even called for her to run for Prime Minister. Tragically, the aspiring woman never got the chance. In mere weeks, a government scandal of enormous proportions had forced the republic to reorganize into the Rightful System Alliance.

This didn't stop Sydney from continuing to help her people. She served by helping Prime Minister Greer reorganize the alliance and even convinced Greer to use the Provisional Councils as a transitional government. As Greer contemplated retiring, he knew Sydney would be a wonderful successor, but ultimately allowed his second in command, John Sargent to become the alliance's supreme authority. Though Sargent never took the title of Prime Minister, Instead he dubbed himself Capitol President. After Greer resigned, Sydney decided to refocus back on her council duties, instead of pursuing a position in Sargent's cabinet. Quietly and unexpectedly, President Sargent disbanded the High School Provisional Councils and instead decided there would be sectoral administrations. At this important intersection in her life, Sydney decided she wanted to serve in a sector administration to keep the Capitol Government in check. Shockingly, the young politician had no ambitions to become Freshmen President. Instead, she opted to run for the Secretary position being offered. While the race for her position wasn't easy, Sydney prevailed and became the Freshmen Secretary of the Rightful System.

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