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The Alliance Crest
The Wadewood Alliance Crest was first designed by Commander Runnow herself. Mrs. Runnow was known to sculpt, draw, and paint during her free time while in office. The idea for a coat of arms first came to her when she was founding the government of the then Wadewood Community. Instead of a flag, the Commander thought a coat of arms suited the new settlement. After finalizing a draft and presenting it to the Wadewood Community Representatives the crest to the right became the official coat of arms for the community. Runnow's successor, Dave Larkin, would agree to keep the coat of arms as he actually admired it. The gold are parcels connected to an angle, who is dressed in battle uniform. Below the "Angle of God," is Wadewood's Capitol School. Runnow wanted the idea to be that God was protecting the community. Finally, below the school are to lions shielding the Cross of Christ. The Commander decided on this because she wanted her people and her allies to know the community would defend their faith.

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