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The Day Carmona Collapsed

It was supposed to be a well-deserved vacation. School has just let out and summer was beginning! The Elite Complex Theme Park opened its doors to the Carmonian public, and Drew Morgan, Dave Larkin, and Mr. and Mrs. Morgan entered. What started out as a vacation soon turned into a fight-or-die scenario. Carmona is collapsing and people are panicking. It's up to Drew to lead Dave and his parents to safety. Can he do it or will he too succumb to the chaos forming in the Elite Theme Park? 
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Apple Devices 
  • 1) Download Apple Books If You Do Not Have It 
  • 2) Come Back to Stugo the on your Safari browser & Go to the Chaos Becoming Page
  • 3) Click on the button that reads: "Click Here: It's Free."
  • 4) (iPhones & TABLETS ONLY): Look for the downward arrow at the top right of your internet browser
  • 5) (iPhones & TABLETS ONLY): Click on the arrow and click on Chaos Becoming
  • 6) Open Apple Books & Chaos Becoming Will Be In Your Apple Books Library 
If you are an android user or would like to use an alternative method to view Chaos Becoming: A Stugo Story please visit the Wattpad Link.
Thank you so much for looking into Chaos Becoming.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to use our contact page to reach the author.
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