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Paul Rouse is an avid writer and enjoys creating mystic settings, where immersive and thrilling stories take place. To Paul, relatable character development, a solid plotline, and a well-told story are crucial to creating a well-rounded novel. As you've probably already figured out, the topic that fueled the creation of STUGO was constructing a world where student governments ruled.

The inspiration for STUGO also came from the author's own life as well as good old imagination. The conflict-ridden state of South Carmon was inspired by South Carolina, which is located in the United States of America and is also Paul's hometown. South Carolina offers lush landscapes, beautiful mountains, and mouth-watering southern delights. Andrew Morgan, Dave Larkin, Thomas Bradfoot, and all the people you will meet in South Carmon are based on a combination of personal experience and inspiration. Though Paul does wish it to be known that all names were created from imagination.


Faith is also a major contribution to the work found in STUGO, as Paul believes that without faith in God, one will never reach one's full potential.

Last but not least, Mental Health is perhaps the most important issue to the author. Having struggled with anxiety himself, Paul finds that Mental Health cannot simply be shut away, instead, it must be addressed. The author believes one must learn how to deal with their conditions, for then they can adapt to their new normal. You can't hide in a fake facade in which your anxiety, depression, etc.. is non-existent. If you do then you are only destroying yourself, slowly but surely. When you discover you have a mental health condition, you have discovered you are fighting a new battle in the war for your life. Though, that doesn't mean it is an unbeatable battle, with God by your side and determination in your mind you will win! The battle will still reveal hard times and sometimes life will seem impossible, but one day you will look back on this battle and be proud of yourself for fighting!



Everyone has their ups and downs, but sometimes your downs will inspire someone else to keep going because they saw you get back up
                        -Paul Rouse

Paul Rouse, Author of STUGO

Paul Rouse

Author of STUGO

Downtown Greenville

Downtown Greenvile

Poinsett Bridge

Poinsett Bridge

Lush Forest in Greenville

A Lush Forest In Greenville

The STUGO Novel Cover 

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