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Chaos has reigned for too long. In South Carmon, a virus crippled an entire nation and left millions of teenagers in a world brimming with nothing but darkness. Thankfully, that is now only a story told to children. Or so everyone thought. While South Carmonians believed chaos was gone, a new nation rose beside her counterpart, the Rightful System. This nation, however, wasn't built for peace and prosperity, it was built to achieve state domination. It calls itself the Wadewood Alliance, and its led by Commander Larkin. He believes he can fix the state and restore her to glory, but the Rightful System knows otherwise. To both her people and her government, Wadewood is coming for not only their nation but also their way of life. It's now up to President Andrew Morgan and his friends to protect the Rightful System, while also dealing with the struggles of their friendship with the man, who now wishes to destroy their home.

Will they prevail in this quest? Or are their efforts merely in vain?
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